We provide a wide range of services to the small business community with expertise in many areas


Just a few areas we can help with are listed below, so please give us a call to discuss the specifics of your project or infrastructure


We can install and manage your server infrastructure and help you transition to on-premise virtualised solutions as well as implement Hybrid or full cloud server solutions. 


We supply and install ICSA certified firewall solutions and can also implement category-based web content filtering, centrally managed antivirus and anti-malware software.


We also provide customers with cloud based anti-spam services removing spam before it reaches your network

Cloud Backup

We can provide secure managed cloud backup solutions to protect your data and also provide offsite replication of your on-premise virtual machines for comprehensive disaster recovery 


We can prepare your network and systems for secure mobile access from company or staff's own (BYOD) devices from Apple, Android or Microsoft ensuring devices can be pin-secured &  remote wiped etc as needed.


We can also install remote desktop or Citrix based infrastructure & applications for mobile or home workers to access your systems


We can recommend, install and support your broadband internet connectivity as well as selecting appropriate complementary services such as email/collaboration (ie MS Exchange).



We can plan and install your physical cabled network infrastructure if required or work with what you have recommending improvements where necessary.


We can also build secure WiFi network infrastructures using general purpose or managed AP hardware enabling roaming and visitor access as required